Masterclass of design and ceramics – Ireland

On August 2013 I was invited by the French Institute of Crafts (INMA) to take part of an European program called Dream (Design Research Europe Arts and Crafts), alongside fifteen French, Spanish, Irish and Slovakian designers and ceramic artists.

Thomastown Pottery Skills CourseWe have participated on a Masterclass of design and ceramics in Ireland, more precisely in Thomastown, Kilkeny. We were welcomed by the Irish Crafts Council and the Thomastown Pottery Skils School. During these 10 days of masterclass we have learned a huge spectrum of techniques: wheel throwing, plaster and wood moulding, stamping, ceramic printing, decals, wood firing, rocket firing, salt firing, raku… The goal wasn’t to develop new projects from A to Z as timing is a very sensitive matter in ceramics, it was more about experimenting and trying new techniques.

Wheel thrown stoneware:

wheel thrown stoneware biscuit

We have also had the chance to meet with some amazing ceramics professionals as Gus Mabelson, Geoffrey Healy, Nicholas Mosse, the ceramic artists from The Bridge Pottery and Neil Read.

Here’s a video made by one of my Spanish colleagues, Cristina Martín, to resume this great experience.

Ceramics Master Class from Fundesarte on Vimeo.

Wood fired birds:
wood fired ceramic birds


Ceramic plate printed with cobalt oxide:


printing with oxides

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